About the Book and Acknowledgments and Credits

How this book was created

This book is initially being written in the “open”; this means that others can and have made suggestions that have improved it. Thank you to those who read and provided feedback on the book. We used the bookdown R package to render the book and GitHub pages to host the book.

Unless mentioned, we have taken all of the photos used in this book.

We have also created all of the maps used in this book using publicly-available data. We acknowledge those publicly-available sources next.


Thank you to Isabella Velásquez for creating and sharing the R code to create trail maps; this code was essential to being able to create beautiful (we think!) trail maps for this book.

Thanks to Tyler Morgan-Wall, whose tutorial on creating trail maps was also instrumental.

Thank you to Daniel Anderson for the basis for the theme for this book.

Thank you to Conor Anderson for the CSS code for the call-out boxes in this text.

Thank you to Samuel Weisbrod, Aaron Rosenberg, and Kevin Lane for photos included in this book.

Thank you to Amanda Hendricks and Anthony Schmidt for trail and science-related suggestions.

30.0.1 Credits

Open Street Map data is used to create the trail maps.

Map tiles by Stamen Design, under CC BY 3.0. Data by OpenStreetMap, under ODbL.

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